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Why Dave Roberts Was So Successful - A Pro-Punter Remembers.



I had an email from professional punter Alan Potts, he had a memory of this week's Star Sports #BettingPeople interviewee Dave Roberts. I thought I'd share it with you. Here's Dave's interview Dave Roberts #BettingPeople

Morning Simon,

A story related to me by Pat Murphy when he was training for me. He had a very moderate mare entered for a handicap chase at Plumpton on a Monday afternoon and was chuffed when only three were declared on the Sunday morning - his then regular rider Leighton Aspell was booked.

Sunday afternoon, Leighton is riding at Fontwell and Pat is watching ATR. Leighton has a fall at the downhill hurdle in the back straight and Pat claims that his phone was ringing before Leighton had stopped rolling. It was Dave Roberts offering A P McCoy as a substitute for the chaser at Plumpton!

AP duly rode the mare and won on her. She was called Muharib Lady and the race was on Oct 7th, 2002. Leighton fell in the 4:00 at Fontwell.

It's a comedy tale, but a perfect example of why Dave Roberts was so successful as an agent.


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