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A Word Of Caution From Alan Potts - Professional Punter.



I've had another email from the ever-genial and generous with his advice professional punter, Alan Potts. It was prompted after he read my Star Sports blog 

He was keen to let us all know about a torrid flat season that he endured back in 1995. He's kindly given me permission to reproduce his email in full here. The cautionary tale being that if a punter who has been as successful as Alan can suffer such a run, anyone can. Aspiring professional punters who have enjoyed some success and are of the opinion that their hands are destined to cradle the game's gonads. It really will happen to you too, as Boy Scouts will tell you, 'Be Prepared'. You'll need a tank to match your stakes and the mental mettle to come out the other side of a withering bad run. Read on.....

Evening Simon,

My account book for 1995, monthly totals for the flat:

April    -  £1390

May    -  £4735

June   -  £5020

July    +  £3460

August  -  £3870

September  -  £3480

October   - £700

TOTAL   -  £15,735

Over that seven month period, I had 130 bets that produced 14 winners.

The profit in July was solely down to a £6000/£300  on a draw based bet
at Goodwood.

And as much of that betting was done on course, you can guess at the
expenses on top of that loss.

But I survived, made £25k on the flat in 1996 and £30k in 1997.

Never forgotten it though. I'm sure it happens to everybody at least
once, no matter how good they may be.


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