Apr 21, 2022 5:15:00 PM | Reviews BOTTLEKIDS - 'ZILCH!'

Review of 'Zilch!' by Bottlekids



Welsh trio Bottlekids hit us between the eyes here with a six-track slab of sometimes rabid and always rapid punk rock. It’s a progression from their debut eponymously titled EP which caused quite a stir on release in 2019 without losing their identity. The band, three mates from Chepstow who got together to brighten up dull Tuesdays by drinking cans and playing music, have toughened things up a bit for ‘Zilch!’. Everything is just that little bit harder whacked, played and sung. Lyrically it’s darker, organically so, it was written during lockdown and is absolutely seething with the frustration barely contained until erupting in this album. The lyrics are as powerful as they are personal, powered along by machine gun drumming and precision bass while the guitar gets as angry as a punk guitar gets without having a breakdown. It’s melodic too, with strains of Alkaline Trio, Millencolin and Hotwater Music getting a nod, if you really need musical comparisons. Of these six tracks, ‘Already Dead’ is already out there as is ‘Nowt’ as digital singles, both making waves, if you’re loving them you’ll love the rest of this. It’s powerhouse punk rock, angry and catchy in all the right places with intelligent lyrics and hooks that’ll snag your ears. The concluding track ‘Sick’ is a banger from the heart and will leave you wishing this was an album. Out on all digital platforms and limited edition 12” blue and yellow marble vinyl on May 22nd.
Simon Nott


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Written By: Simon Nott