The Woody Guthrie Tribute Concerts Boxset (Bear Family)

When Woody Guthrie died in 1967 after a long battle with Huntington’s Disease he loss was mourned widely by fans and musicians alike. His friends organised a tribute gig that took place in Carnegie Hall in 1968 two years later another huge re-enactment of sorts took place at Hollywood Bowl. 18,000 people were there to witness the likes of Bob Dylan pay their respects Because of contractual issues both Columbia and Warner released truncated versions of these concerts. Now for the first they are all her in their complete form, a boxset over 100 tracks on three CDs including interviews, complimented with two sumptuous hardback books with music scores photos etc. Musically it is stunning in clarity and tone. This is a musical journey, an event preserved for future generations of fans in first class style. The sad irony of this set is that almost 50 years on many of the songs are lamentably still relevant now. Woody would weep.

Simon Nott

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