Snippets from the Betting Ring – Royal Ascot – Friday 17/06/16

I’ve been at Royal Ascot all week and will be writing my ‘Tales From The Betting Ring’ exclusively for Racing Ahead Magazine so please look out for the next issue and support the magazine that supports me. Here of some snippets of the action to hopefully whet your appetites for the full feature in a couple of weeks.

It’s been a great week, loads of lumpy bets and tales to tell. One story I’ll pass on today involved a couple of wagers on the colour of the Queen’s hat. One firm who shall remain nameless priced up early as they have been doing all week. They made black a 33/1 shot. Some punters thought that black was value at the price and backed accordingly, not having fortunes on but you don’t need much on at double-carpet. Give the bookmaker his due, those that queued were all on leaving the layer with a near two grand liability on black. There was no way they’d field enough to bet up to that, hedging was out of the question too because the other bookie who usually bet on the hat market had witnessed what had happened and was yet to price up himself but was certain not to go anywhere near those odds.


The 33/1 vanished and was replaced with a punter-repelling 6/4 while the layer scratched his head worrying that he’d been tucked up. Then salvation arrived in the shape of a bookmaker’s floorman from another area, as he had done all week he was coming to nick their prices to relay back to his boss who was also going to price up the monarch’s millinery. Thinking on his feet the layer with the liabilities waited until the last possible minute then priced black back up at 33/1 while the rival floorman diligently scribbled down the prices.

The floorman was soon on his toes and heading back to his boss, as he legged it the 33/1 came back down replaced by the 6/4 with the bookie hot on his tail but at a careful distance. Back at his rival’s joint he watched the floorman relate the prices, saw them chalked up, then as quick as a flash was straight in to have all he’d taken and a bit more back on at 33/1 thus lumbering his bookie brethren with his liabilities. I’m told the layer he asked stood for it though didn’t accommodate for all requested though enough to cover what he’d laid of which he was more than happy returning back to his own pitch smiling smugly.

As it turned out the sneaky rascal should he stuck by his original opinion because even though I’m not sure what the official colour of the hat adorning the Queen’s cranium was, it certainly wasn’t black!

(c) Simon Nott

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