Simon Nott – Freelancer – About Me.

Hi, Thanks for checking out my website. My name is Simon Nott and as my blurb says I’m a freelance publicist, horseracing and music writer.

In recent years I have been best known in the horseracing industry as the person behind the Star Sports #BettingPeople series of interviews the brainchild of Star Sports’ owner Ben Keith, a body of work I’m very proud of. As well as the interviews that I’ve conducted, from professional punters to Royalty, I’m a writer, previously published in The Racing Post Weekender, Racing Ahead and The Independent on racing.

I’ve now left Star Sports as a full-time employee and am looking for new challenges. I’ve recently tackled some live broadcasting, live streaming betting news from point to points and appeared as a last-minute guest on Luck On Sunday. That’s something I’d like to further, be it TV, radio or podcasts. I’m always open to additional freelance offers in the media. The point to point live streaming appearances will continue until the end of the 2021 season.

I’m really keen to get involved as a publicist and content creator on a personal basis with racing yards and individuals, please give me a shout and see what plans we can hatch.

I self-published my book ‘Skint Mob’ which has sold well since it was published in 2013 and nominated for ‘BT Sports Book Of The Year 2014. Skint Mob is still available on Kindle here.

I’m currently working on book based on my musical adventures from a glam obsessed son to punk loving kid in the 1970’s, a young rockabilly in the 1980’s, driving psychobilly bands in the 1990’s, hanging with the Australians in 000’s including The Living End and Fireballs and writing about and interviews rockabilly legends in more recent years. It’ll hopefully be ready for Christmas 2021 with the working title ‘It All Started With Gary Glitter’, which I’m guessing I’ll have to rethink!

Some people may consider that horseracing and music are strange bedfellows, but not me. I’ve written for music magazines and fanzines since the 1990s. I started freelance work for Big Cheese Magazine in 2002 and continue to do so for sister publication Vive Le Rock and Rock N Roll specialist title UK Rock N Roll. I’ve also written sleeve notes for various labels, something I’m always keen to do. I also handle advertising for UK Rock N Roll and Blocks magazines

That’s me, I’m versatile and ready for new challenges. If you think I can do anything for you please get in touch.

Other books on Kindle include:

‘Simon Nott’s Betting Tales’ in diary form from 2013 for less than the price of a pint.

‘P’ Stops of the A303 where I rate laybys for ’emergency’ stops – ideal when travelling with kids!

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