Sarah Vista – Singles Trilogy


One of the joys of being accepted as a reviewer  is getting glorious packages like this one through the post. 

By her own description Sarah Vista plays  spaghetti western soundtrack style/country and western originals and is a London girl. She has made the fairly unprecedented move of releasing a trilogy of singles from her album ‘Killing Fever’ before it’s been released. They are on her own ‘Gallow Romantic’ label in hard card old school  colour sleeves, beautiful things to look at, and to listen to. The music is tough rocking western with panache. In short you may want to dance with her but you don’t mess with this gal! Check these video clips out then give Sarah a shout to grab these while they are hot. 

I’m looking forward to the album already- if you like what you have seen and heard give Sarah a shout via the options below.



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