CD and LP Reviews – Published And Otherwise Part 12


‘Dig My Beat’

(Jet Noise)

Russia’s Beat Devils are a powerhouse of a trio bringing the house with this their latest offering. A three-piece have to click intimately for them to work as a unit, these guys are metronymic in the tight as a camel’s arse in a sandstorm type of way. If you are after a definitive music description, then it’s psycho-rockabilly. Lyric’s sung with urgency in English, crisp double bass and drum interaction and a rocking guitar that is although coming out with scintillating rocking riffs isn’t searching for a clone, lyrically originality with some humour all add up to an impressive package. Dig your beat? Well this reviewer does for sure.



‘Solo Adultos’


The Jancee Pornick Casino appears to be largely a one-man affair which would explain the title though you wouldn’t notice the joins. It might explain how he’s manged to make it so eclectic, ranging from rocking and rockabilly through Tex-Mex flavours, country and country rock thrown in for good measure. In short what ever Jancee Pornick pleases and very pleasing it is too, ‘Southland’ is a track that clips along and just defies you to genre-brand it, then the beautifully mellow makes you forget you cared. That’s the feeling of the album, you won’t get bored but you will press replay.





Blimey, here’s one that will rattle your fillings, pounding trash rock n roll that really knows how to stomp. There are 16 tracks (if you have the CD version like me) from which there is very little let-up. Musically it’s quite a-billy in the neo sense with the double bass very evident bouncing along with thundering drums. It’s the touch of trash-fuzz guitar and ‘Estrus’ reminiscent production that sets it on a primitive course of its own. There’s no dull moment ‘Hell Yeah’ is an absolute blinder of a track and ‘Retro Kid’ one of the rocking highlights.



‘Chelsea Smile’

(Western Star)

This is one of the best unashamed psychobilly albums I have heard in some time. When I say unashamed what I mean it that rather than try and elaborate on what is admittedly a rather mongrel genre they’ve taken the basic elements and played the hell of it. There’s no cartoon factor about this album either, it’s in your face though varied, though serious musically it’s lyrically fun and of course slightly twisted. Though there are some subtle nods to the past ‘She’s Hypnotic’ has a familiar riff and the bass-rattling cover ‘Ace Of Of Spades’ needs no explanation and both very worthy the majority of the album is original and about now that proves there’s plenty of life in psychobilly yet.


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