• P Stops of the A303 – ‘Don’t Get Caught Short’

P Stops of the A303 – ‘Don’t Get Caught Short’


Published by Skint Mob Publishing 

Forward and Disclaimer

A Layby by Layby guide to where to pull over on the A303 – West to East and East to West

This book has been written after spending years driving up and down the A303 on a regular basis.  That’s week in and week out quite often held up in traffic and finding it hard to cross legs while riding the clutch. In that time I saw countess queues of cars with families, I could only imagine the dilemma when the chorus of ‘I want the toilet’ went up.  Whilst ‘P Stops of the A303’ in no way sets out to encourage ‘P’ stopping anywhere but services hitherto referred to as ‘Posh Stops,’ there are times due to traffic conditions desperate measures call for desperate action . This guide is to help take some of the guesswork out of where is ideal and where isn’t to make an emergency port of call.  It’s a fun and factual guide but I don’t accept any responsibility in any adventures that befall you if deciding to nip over a hedge. All details and distances are rough estimates and correct at time of writing. Finally, watch where you step!

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Simon Nott

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