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I started interviewing professional punters and successful tipsters as part of the Star Sports #BettingPeople series I helped grow during my time with the firm. It surprised me just how many people are out there are making it pay. The professional punters are largely elusive, many wishing to remain in the shadows for various and fairly obvious reasons. I have made my lazy punting pay too, most years, following other people’s advices. The reason being, I know I couldn’t devote enough time to be able to better them, I love horse racing but got fed up with losing backing my own amateur selections. I know these people to be genuine so decided to publicly endorse those services who were interested in me getting involved. The first of these is Andrew Lowrie. I talked to him about Optimum Racing on a temperamental Zoom connection, as you can see! The video is therefore authentic, as is Andrew. You can watch below.

In the latest video we mentioned Andrew’s #BettingPeople interviews. They are hosted on the Star Sports Bookmaker’s site. The link is below.

#BettingPeople: ANDREW LOWRIE – https://www.starsportsbet.co.uk

If after listening to what Andrew has to say about ‘Optimum Racing’ if you would like to join we have a very special offer. Andrew’s introductory offer of 3 months for £297. To join via PayPal please click on the link below.

Andrew and I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to keep your staking disciplined. Backing horses following Optimum Racing should be treated as a long term investment and not a get rich quick scheme. As he relates in the cautionary tale in his latest interview, don’t get carried away in the euphoria of a purple patch, a bad losing run is certain to follow. I wrote a blog along those lines, it’s here if you are interested in reading it.

Prepare For That Losing Run | Simon Nott

Please don’t sign up to Optimum Racing unless you have watched the videos and digested what Andrew has to say. Under no circumstances sign up if you haven’t put aside a substantial betting bank or are going to start complaining after the first few losers This is intended for serious people who understand the ‘game’ and accept the risks involved. For those that have signed up, welcome aboard and good luck us. Nobody is obliged to join it’s just an invitation.

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