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Mike O’Neil

Here’s an interview I did as part of the Star Sports #BettingPeople series. As you can tell by some of my questions I was sceptical to some of Mike’s claims. Since then I have had access to the RaceStatsApp.com Telegram group and can tell you that it works and some of the users are winning professional sums. I have nothing to gain from championing Mike and RaceStatsApp.com If you dismissed it originally and/or didn’t watch the interviews, are computer and bot, most importantly, open-minded you might want to revisit them.

Interview MIKE O’NEIL: Mike had spent his working life in computing developing software. He sold his last company he was in his mid-40’s and turned his attention to betting. Despite having little previous interest he was spurred on by negative people telling him that writing a program to win gambling couldn’t be done. 13 years later he’d perfected Race Stats App, software that spots patterns pointing to potential winners using Betfair SP. In this series of three interviews he explains his idea, inspiration and the thinking behind RaceStatsApp.com – Meeting Mike O’Neil.

Mike O’Neil has spent 13 developing ‘Race Stats App’
In part two Mike talks about proving that the impossible is possible.
Practicalities of using his system that has created full-time backers since its inception.

The original #BettingPeople page on can be viewed here https://www.starsportsbet.co.uk/bettingpeople-mike-oneil/

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