Mad Twins talk about their brand new Reverend Horton Heat ‘Hardscrabble Woman’ video creation.

The MAD TWINS Olya & Vira Ishchuk from the Ukraine have built up a well-deserved reputation for themselves as illustrators and animators in recent years. Despite the political difficulties their country is suffering at the moment they have worked for some high profile international artists in that time. These include The Living End Social Distortion & Nekromantix they have now completed a video for another legendary rocking outfit ‘Reverend Horton Heat’ here’s part of their story and the video itself, check it out and spread the word!

“We have been fans of Reverend Horton Heat since we were introduced to rockabilly and psychobilly music 15 years ago. When we started to make music videos for the bands we like we always had a little cameos of other band members in it. Jim Heath of RHH had a cameo as a card-playing cowboy in the work we made for Social Distortion. Those SD and RHH guys have known each other for years so after they saw our SD video Jimbo said to us RHH would like to have a Mad Twins cartoon! It was a time when RHH last album “Rev” was being recorded so we replied – ‘We’ll pick a song from the new one!”


“When we got the new record in our hands we listened all songs with a keen interest – not every song is easy to get an idea for animation for. Plus it was important for us to keep heart and soul of a band in it. We liked ‘Hardscrabble Woman’ as there’s a juicy character to bring to life in visual art. Also just like us she’s been brought up in the ‘School of Hard Knocks’.”

“We sketched ‘Hardscrabble Woman’ right away. Even though in the song she appears a dangerous and hateful person we wanted the audience to sympathize with her so we made her a stylish 50s vixen’ after all, this is the video for Horton Heat!”

Check it out here.


“A big part of our animation is a comedy and  with this RHH cartoon we really needed help from the band so we could strike a chord with that special Texan humour. As Ukrainians we needed to understand  Texas culture and flavour to make it authentic. Who is ‘Her old man” and what’s so special about ‘Hard Texas dirt? Jim and his wife Andrea, bless them, replied to our many questions before we worked on storyboard and we continued to search. Erika Harding originally a Texas girl, wife of a Social Distortion bass player Brent, helped us with “Texas Woman” things and it was Jason Freese (Green Day) with his quick-wit who suggested the image of Hardscrabble Woman riding the oil derrick, so that’s thanks to him.”

There is more to tell the full story of the video will appear in UK ROCK N ROLL MAGAZINE

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