Local Press tour support? Bands, it’s false economy not to.

Bands, before you embark on your tour of the UK, are you sure the venues and bookers have your back? You may think that your date is the biggest thing to hit Trumpton ever but do the people of Trumpton and surrounding areas know about it? Yes the venue has booked you, but they probably have another six nights and a dozen acts booked the rest of the week too.

Have they told the local press how good you are? Have they listed the gig with anyone for that matter?

Brighton Argus 14/02/14

Brighton Argus 14/02/14

You might think that of course they have, but I’d like to bet they haven’t. That could mean you turn up bristling to show Trumpton that you guys and gals are the future of rock n roll only to face the demoralising prospect of playing to a near empty house and thus also enduring miserable and disinterested staff. To top the rubbish night off, if the venue has taken a hit, albeit largely down to their lack lustre approach to advertising your gig you could well be stiffed for your agreed money too. We won’t even bother thinking about if you agreed to a door deal.

I offer you ‘touring band support’. I will personally bother each and every local paper, ads sheet for each gig of your tour. In addition I’ll list it with the Press Association so it should pop up in listings all over the place. People seem to disregard the popularity and strength of local media. Not only in my experience do most people at least flick through their local rag or free sheet these publications are more often than not looking for stuff to cover. These days they are often on line too, so your ‘local’ coverage becomes linkable world-wide publicity.

I have run a small music pub’s bookings, driven bands around snake-pit venues and travelled in the luxury of a tour bus on the Warped Tour. I know how it is for touring bands, from bottom to top. With that in mind my fees are very affordable. The cost of a t-shirt or less per date, I’d imagine, think £10 a gig.

If you are serious about getting your band out there and want to do everything possible to ensure that people at least know that you are playing, please give me a shout. You can’t afford to rely on venues, you can’t afford to rely on bookers and you can’t afford to reply on ‘promoters’.

Give me a shout, I won’t promise to pack venues out for you. I will promise I will do my absolute best to ensure you get some good local exposure prior to the gig and give you every chance to pack venues out.

My email simon@simonnott.co.uk or simonsayspr@yahoo.co.uk


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