Faulty i-phone 6 charging port? Don’t get done!

Nobody likes to be ripped off!

When my i-phone 6 started to refuse to charge as you can imagine I started getting concerned. It’s like going out naked being without your phone these days isn’t it. Not to mention costly if you need to be in constant contact for work etc. Well the phone started to be a little temperamental when charging in the car. I began turning up places expecting it to be fully charged and it wasn’t because it had stopped charging mid-journey. I found that putting in at various angles worked, for a while then not at all.

Luckily my home charger fared better, for a bit then that started to rely on more and more elaborate balancing acts to get it to work. I Googled and found out that if in dire straights a reboot might do the trick, it did sort of, at least at home. Then I read that only Apple chargers will work, and we all know how much they cost, besides, I was using a genuine charger so still bamboozled.

So in desperation fearing the day my phone would slowly ebb away for the last time as the battery died refusing to accept a recharge, I headed into town. Now ‘town’ for me is akin to Trumpton so no actual Apple shops. Instead I made my way to a little stall in the market where they sell all sorts of bits and bobs and offer to repair and unlock phones. I told the chap my dilemma and the symptoms. Unsurprisingly he told me the problem would be the charging port – yes I had guessed that. But he could fix it, which I couldn’t, it would take him 45 minutes and would cost me £35. A cheap price to pay.

Then I thought hang on though, he’s only a bloke in the market, if he buggers up my phone I’ll be right up the creek so told him honestly at the time that I’d be back. My one other option was to ask at the Carphone Warehouse in town. The worker in there said they didn’t do repairs in house but could send it way. Just as I was about to chance matey up in the market he asked what phone it was. When I told him I swear I saw a halo appear above his head, well almost. He pointed out the the bit at the end of the cable went all the way in on his phone. He asked for my phone then showed me it only went halfway in on mine. With that he got out that thingamajig that comes with the phone when you buy it, you know the one, it looks a bit like a paper clip. He dug around the charging port for a few seconds and pulled out a huge (for the size of the hole) ball of fluff. ‘We get about one of these in a day’ he laughed.

Imagine that’s probably how many get past that bloke in the market charging £35, I know people have to make a living but…..

So anyway, I hope if you Googled ‘i-phone not charging’ this has just saved you £35 or more. I nipped back in and gave the nice man with the halo a tenner for a couple of pints after work, more if he goes to Wetherspoon. I was still £25 to the good and more than highly delighted to have the phone back working again, which is as the saying goes, priceless!

Just have a (careful) poke around in here.....

Just have a (careful) poke around in here…..

(c) Simon Nott


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