Fat Country Ted ‘Ted’s Hot Burrito’

One time Long Tall Texan guitarist and now song-writing back-room stalwart Garry has been working with current Long Tall Texan’s guitarist ‘Brother’ Matt Windler. The result is this cracking guitar instrumental and atmospheric video. Ladies and Gentlemen I present Fat Country Ted and ‘Ted’s Hot Burrito’.

A tasty aural and visual dish that will set you up for the day!


Fat Country Ted – His name isn’t Ted, he’s not at all fat and he doesn’t play much country music, but that’s just where the story begins.
He could have been a champion footballer, somewhere between Franz Beckenbauer and Brian Labone, if it wasn’t for his mild colour blindness that meant he executed inch perfect passes, but only around fifty percent of the time, to his team mates.
A brilliant career in ballet beckoned. He had it all; agility, strength, flexibility – he moved like a greased panther. Unfortunately, during intermissions, the only subject discussed was the colossal and intimidating contents of Ted’s tights. Ballet’s loss was music’s gain.
Hendrix, Beck, Hank, Page, Fat Ted. Ted would also, surely, have been the most celebrated guitarist in history. Tone, melody, dexterity, imagination – it was all there – only sausage shaped fingers and an ability to play all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order, has seen him find a position as the third best guitarist in his own band.
No record releases at the moment, but something should appear next year.

Fat Country Ted – vocals and guitar
drums – Billy Moore
guitar – Rocking Reg Windler
bass – Gari Garić

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