CD and LP Reviews – Published And Otherwise Part 7

I thought I’d start posting published and unpublished reviews I’ve written for various publications here. I’ll do six at a time for ease of sharing but not so many that it’s a scrolling nightmare. Please feel free to share and comment. Anyone who wishes to send me their stuff to review please email me

‘The Guv’nor – A Tribute To Nigel Lewis

As the title suggests this is a tribute to probably the best-loved character on the psychobilly scene and of course revered as one of the trio of genuine innovators that started the whole genre. 13 tracks by some established luminaries of the psychobilly circus, The Highliners kick things off for the veterans, and those bands taking the music into the future, The Zipheads and Clockwork Psycho leading the new charge. There are some tracks covered that you’d expect to hear and some rather more obscure. Do expect the unexpected though, yes it’s ‘My Daddy Is Vampire’ but not as you know it.

‘13 Ghosts – A Trashwax Sampler’7

Trashwax are the record label equivalent of Dr Frankenstein, resurrecting cadavers from long lost vaults and bringing them back to life, a fate they certainly deserved by all 13 tracks contained within. All the songs included are from albums and singles already released or those about to see the light of day. What a collection it is too, hard to pick a standout track but Mondo A Go Go’s ‘Crazy Date’ real does swing along in a 1960’s vibe. It’s a varied mix of sounds but all with that same ‘feel’, it’s cracking stuff but it’s going to cost you, 13 tracks will result in 13 further purchases.

‘Cobra Blood’

The second album from Doubleblack who are a trio that feature two luminaries of Australian punk and roll. Guitarist Matt Healy aka Matt Black was axe-man for the infamous Fireballs while Trav Demsey was drummer for The Living End on both their self-titled and Roll On albums. The Fireballs trait was to throw in a searing Matt Black metalesque solo on top a psychobilly bass and drum backbeat. His genre-mashing again here but with a definite Aussie rock infusion onto what can only be described as a thundering drum sound with Demsey making his presence felt alongside the double bass. A powerhouse of an album.

‘A Symphony Of Wolf Tones & Ghost Notes’

Kim Nekroman is back with another quality album of dark tunes recorded in sunny California but sounding like they come from a crypt in darkest Denmark. The Nekromantix are one of those bands that although they differ in album sounds you know for certain it’s them from the very opening notes. Some feat considering the flow of sidemen (& women) Nekroman has had over the years. This is another fine offering with some real humour amongst the horror – ‘Creeping It Real’ being a standout track though that’s hard to pick.

‘The Edge Of Silence’
(Halb 7)

Brigitte is much loved on the psychobilly scene which is down to some of her super-rocking back catalogue under her own name and with her band The Dark Shadows, these were tunes destined for them but here in their acoustic and keyboard origins. Anyone expecting anything resembling her rocking past shouldn’t. Opening track ‘The Model’ is I think the only cover but sets the scene well. If you like to unwind with some haunting beautifully produced and performed songs by an incredibly talented lady then this is for you.


(Voodoo Rhythm)

Oh man I need a sit down after listening to this. Bern’s Monsters have unleashed probably their most brutal and extreme album yet. It’s louder, trashier, more rocking and downright unhinged then probably anything you’ve heard in a while, even if you have the 99 Voodoo Rhythm releases that came before this one. If your partner dumps you and screams in such a deranged way as delivered in ‘I Don’t Want You Anymore’ you’d probably be thinking you had a lucky escape. Beat Man wails ‘Happy People Make Me Sick’ well that’s me after playing this – tremendous.



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