CD and LP Reviews – Published And Otherwise Part 11

I thought I’d start posting published and unpublished reviews I’ve written for various publications here. I’ll do six at a time for ease of sharing but not so many that it’s a scrolling nightmare. Please feel free to share and comment. Anyone who wishes to send me their work to review please email me

‘Won’t Die’

In a recent interview The Polecats told me that ‘Won’t Die’ was recorded when Boz arranged a tour of Japan and they basically recorded all the songs they played but never released or that was the idea’ This was originally issued on Vinyl Japan on vinyl and CD in 1989 as a 13 tracker and is now re-issued with four extra tracks. The album contains a mixture of self-penned songs and covers including a Crazy Cavan tune and classic rockabilly ‘Pink and Black’. It is easily on par with their hit debut ‘Polecats Are Go’ albeit a little less polished. It’s the sound of a band in top form kicking on after the blur of the halcyon days. Bonus tracks include alternate cuts of ‘Rockabilly Guy’ ‘Marie Celeste’ ‘Jeepster’ & ‘John I’m Only Dancing’. The title was very prophetic, as this line-up, with John Buck on drums are still going strong 28 years later.

Simon Nott

‘Back To The Pit’
(Crazy Love)

Given their Demented Are Go connections the layman could be excused for assuming that ‘Back To The Pit’ contains brutal psychobilly. It doesn’t. What you have here is a ‘mature’ album of psycho-tainted rockabilly with more than a hint of folk that rocks along like crazy. That hint of folk is more pronounced on some tracks than others but is unashamedly full blown in a couple ‘You’re The Reason Your Mommy Drinks’ an excellent, if spiteful lyrically, fiddle and banjo workout a great example. I had to check if singer Christian was Irish such were the Gaelic overtones, he’s not he’s German, he’s such a great voice for this style. Excellent stuff.

Simon Nott

‘The Revenge Of El Sacamantecas’

Formed in the Basque Country in 2012 Screamers And Sinners took me totally by surprise when I stuck this in the player. Yes psychobilly bands have used a saxophone in the past not least King Kurt and The Long Tall Texans for a while but these guys do it like it really belongs. The standard of musicianship is tremendous, strip away the lyrics and you’ve got psycho-swing, it’s light on its feet jaunty stuff even more uplifted by the sax but they are singing about Horror and Maniacs, wonderful fun, I can’t recommend it enough.

Simon Nott

‘Youth On Stuff’

What a great name for a band, they sound just like their moniker. And what is that? Well it’s trash fuzz but with a definite subaqueous ambience, more subswamp to be honest but there’s no such word. It aurally like the band are playing away in a submarine somewhere deep below, you can hear their guitars buzz-sawing their way through the gloop but the bass thumps out of the surface in slime spume bubbles. It’s the creature from the black lagoon scuttling the Cave Men which for fans of the genre is quite an accolade.

Simon Nott

‘Jekyll & Hyde’
(Western Star)

This is a 10” for a collectors and what a lovely splattered platter it is. There are eight tracks on here by my reckoning all but one were sort of on the Psychobilly DNA album I waxed so lyrical about when it was released, it’s psychobilly unsullied. This is a well titled ten incher because it’s got a dark side, when said I sort of, ‘Wah Wah Woman’ is very similar to ‘Wild Wild Woman’ on the album but lyrically filthier and triple XXX rated. You need it get it now don’t you!

Simon Nott



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