Bottlekids – Bottlekids EP

Bottlekids – Bottlekids EP Simon Nott


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It’s not often a band offers a 12” vinyl EP as a debut release, it’s even less often that vinyl is near transparent with play wear a month after you bought it. Chepstow’s Bottlekids have exploded into the punk rock scene with four tracks that have absorbed all the good stuff from the last decade, added their own magic, rammed it into the pressure cooker that is this trio, cranked the dial up to well past the max, waited until the whole lot was going to blow then let it fly. It lands like a maelstrom of a flaying barefooted mosh pit on a hot plate. It’s blistering back beat, bass that sounds like the stings are made from high-tensile steel, jagged guitar, all desperately trying keep up with Joe Grogan’s distinctively controlled but urgent vocal delivery. It’s melodic, it’s lyrically intelligent and bugger doesn’t it bounce. This is an EP that should come with a warning, no not a cheesy old ‘Parental Advisory’ but ‘Highly Addictive’ this isn’t an earworm, it’s punk rock crack, just say yes.

Simon Nott   

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