Bob Wayne, Paul Fenech and Brian Setzer, a great week.

It’s been a good week, I sorted out an interview with BOB WAYNE for VLR, man, some of his answers will have you in stitches, great stuff, as is his new album ‘Back To The Camper’ out now on People Like You Records. Yesterday I spoke to Brian Setzer for over 25 minutes on the telephone. What a gent, he even played me a few licks on his guitar down the transatlantic line. His new solo album is out on 11th August on Surf Dog Records and is a rockabilly cracker. The interview will appear in Vive Le Rock. I also got some questions answered by P Paul Fenech  who gave me the low down on his new solo album ‘I Monster’ out on 1st August on Mutant ROCK Records which is also a cracker, look out for that in the VLR too. Rock N Roll! Watch this space, stay tuned for more rock n roll.

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