BOB WAYNE – Brand New Album ‘Bad Hombre’ (People Like You) 05/05/2017

Bob Wayne is back with his long-awaited new self-penned album ‘Bad Hombre’ out on May 5th on People Like You Records. I am handling UK press for the album. Please contact me for downloads, promos, interview requests. Without further ado, here’s the lowdown.

The last few years have been nothing but the usual wild ride for BOB WAYNE with numerous shows throughout Europe, North America and Brazil. That didn’t just have him play festivals such as Ramblin’ Man Fair (UK), Speedfest (NL), or even the legendary Wacken Open Air (DE), but also saw him supporting The BossHoss on sold out arena shows in Germany in 2016. After releasing “Hits The Hits”, an album with cover versions of some of the world’s biggest hits, the singer, songwriter, storyteller and nomad is back to telling his own stories on his new album Bad Hombre. Some of these draw influences from meeting people while he is doing what means the most to him, being out on the road.  That’s travelling to distant places, going to many remote little towns and villages throughout the world, playing live and meeting the most diverse people.

He is telling everyday stories from ordinary men and women that often go unnoticed like in ‘Devil’s Backbone’ which is not just a clever title, it’s actually the name of the region in Alabama where Bob met and became friends with some of the characters of this true story. ’80 Miles To Baghdad’ is a song Bob wrote after meeting and hearing the traumatising story of a war veteran after a gig that shows that there is no glory in war. ‘Take Back The USA’ starts off asking the listener to turn off his or her TV and  phone and go outside to take a breath of life. Then it breaks into a very hillbilly-esque chorus about having a ‘coup d’état all day long – yeehaw’. Due to the current political climate we asked Bob to comment on this song and he had this to say, “I strongly believe that music can hold a very strong healing energy, and my music is written to take you out of your own mind and go on an adventure with me through lyrics and melody. Oh and some shredding banjos and fiddles of course, ha ha. Nothing on a BOB WAYNE record should ever be taken seriously, they are just stories, just as I’m sure Johnny Cash didn’t really kill a woman or spend his life in Folsom Prison. It’s the same, I know Johnny would never condone that or want that to happen, they are stories meant to entertain people and that’s it. So just in case anybody from security hears this song, It’s just a joke, ha ha. I have no plans in starting a coup d’état, it’s actually just a song that I’m practising my French speaking skills in, a country that I love dearly.”

‘Kiss My Ass God Bless The USA’ is about an evening that Bob accidentally drinks moonshine mixed with other substances and ends up in a drug induced ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ style ride through Texas. “The song actually has absolutely nothing to do with the USA other than the fact it was written there and the drunk Bob yells it out at the end of the chorus.” ‘Mr. Bandana’ is dedicated to a late friend of Bob’s. “We were driving down the road one day and he looked at me and said, “I never should have crossed the Mason-Dixon Line.” It stuck with me, “Let’s add a pinch of dark romance with ‘Fairground In The Sky’, a bitter-sweet duet featuring the wonderful voice of Nashville’s Kristina Murray. But make no mistake, there is always a twist in BOB WAYNE’s tales, it’s a song about a couple making a deal with the devil for success and in the end they have to pay with their lives.

We wouldn’t be listening to a BOB WAYNE album if it didn’t feature outlaw country anthems such as ‘Hell Yeah’ or ‘Hangin’ Tree’. ‘Still Truckin’ ‘ might sound like a hymn to life on the road at first, while it was actually a song Bob wrote for his musical hero Red Simpson who had many truck driving hits in the 1960’s. Simpson was due to record the song but sadly passed away early in 2016, so Bob decided to bring the song to life himself in Red Simpson’s honour.

Here’s ‘Still Truckin’ one of the few on the album that you could get played on the radio!

To simply sum it up ‘Bad Hombre” is a collection of anthems for the lost, the forgotten and the outcasts that shows a lot of love for ordinary and diverse people. We are all facing the same issues and problems, no matter where Bob Wayne meets us along the way in some godforsaken place during one of his many ventures. ‘Bad Hombre’ truly captures the art of his story telling that we have come to love over the years. Yet again the spirit of freedom in the music was captured by Andy Gibson who produced, engineered and mixed the album at his home studio in Nashville, TN where Bob was joined by his bunch of Outlaw Carnies to track the album.  Get ready for another wild ride with BOB WAYNE through 2017 as the “Bad Hombre” hits the road! YEEEEHAW!

Check for tour dates: BOB WAYNE is on tour in Europe for months around the release of “Bad Hombre”


 Limited Edition Red Vinyl

Release Date: May 5th, 2017
Line-Up: Bob Wayne – vocals, acoustic guitars Andy Gibson – pedal steel, electric guitar, baritone guitar Corey Walker – banjo Billy Contreras – fiddle Dave Roe – upright bass Matt Bohli – drums Guests: Kristina Murray – vocals on ‘Mr. Bandana’, ‘Fairground In The Sky’ Mike Khalil – electric guitar on ‘Hell Yeah’, ‘Take Back The USA’, ‘Devil’s Backbone’, ‘Kiss My Ass God Bless The USA’.

BOB WAYNE -Bad Hombre (41:12) 1. Hell Yeah (2:59) 2. Mr. Bandana (3:52) 3. Still Truckin (2:45) 4. 420 Bound (2:53) 5. Hangin Tree (3:24) 6. Take Back The USA (2:24) 7. The Last Breath You Take (3:19) 8. Fairground In The Sky (3:13) 9. Devil’s Backbone (3:19) 10. Kiss My Ass God Bless The USA (2:03) 11. 80 Miles From Baghdad (3:32) 12. Working Class Musician (3:32) 13. Wake Me Up (3:52)

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Discography: Bood To Dust – 2006 13 Truckin’ Songs – 2007 Driven By Demons – 2009 Outlaw Carnie – 2011 Till The Wheels Fall Off – 2012 Back To The Camper – 2014 Hits The Hits – 2015 Bad Hombre – 2017

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