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The bookies have a fight on their hands, lack of cash! Cash is no longer king. There are so many ways for people to pay… I’ve been almost a year without cash. That is apart from the score I put in my wallet and promised my father-in-law I’d keep and pull up the first time we can go for a pint together. It wasn’t that long ago that I’d have felt like I was walking down the street naked if I didn’t have readies on me. That’s no longer the case, it’s become normal to just wave a contactless card for the smallest of purchases.

When they are eventually allowed to ply their trade ways that on-course bookmakers can take bets from punters in a similar fashion have been discussed on social media. Some enterprising layers have been doing so for a while, but I think we need a reality check. If people stop using cash in their everyday life, the racecourse bookmakers have a survival battle on their hands. Anyone going racing will have facility to bet on their phone. As recreational punters, they will enjoy all the best offers too, enhanced place odds, money back offers, BOG and those horrible justice payments. There will be no incentive at all to bet with racecourse bookies even if they have a cashless option. Unless they can better those offers, which of course, they can’t.

On course bookies will only thrive into the next decade and beyond is if cash is still king of the ring. That’s not an easy task. The difficulty compounded by the acceleration in a change in habits of all demographics, not just the young. Racecourse bookmakers need to start marketing cash betting with them as a unique part of the race-day experience. ‘Save your cash for racing’, or ‘Don’t forget your race-day readies’.  Some sort of slogan, a call to arms to punters to make sure they bring money to bet, ingrained into them that cash is an integral part of a day on the turf.

No time to lose, come on bookies, get you heads together and kick on.

‘Pull up your cash and bet with the Tash’ – there you go Baz, you can have that one on me!

Simon Nott

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