Beat The Bookies

I started working for racecourse bookmakers in the late 1980s. My involvement in horse racing has continued since then. As well as the on-course market from the stool I also worked as part of the on-course team returning SPs from early 2008 until February 2017. Following this I worked for Star Sports both on-course and as an interviewer for Ben Keith’s #BettingPeople project. Over those years I have learned that there are plenty of people that beat the bookies. I have had the pleasure of speaking to some of them as part of the #BettingPeople series. Others were less keen to talk and prefer to work under the radar.

In the coming months I am going to dedicate this part of my website to helping punters learn how to beat the bookmakers. I’ll be revisiting old punting friends as well as always looking to track down ‘new’ faces who’d be happy to share some of their knowledge. I’m also going to use these pages to put my reputation on the line recommending ‘tipsters’. These will be people I know are genuine and given all I have to go on with past results have a great chance of helping their followers from the red into the green. Watch this space.

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