51, Fat and a First Time Father. (Warning contains images that might disturb some readers)


Let’s get this out there straight away. I’m a very lucky man. I’m of good health. For your information Fate, that’s not me tempting you. I live in a lovely village in Devon and have a job I love, oh hang on, watch this space there too. If that wasn’t enough the real plus is I have a gorgeous fiancee a few years my junior and a delightful and much-loved and longed-for 17 month old daughter. That’s enough to make any man content. That’s probably the trouble. I’ve been too content. Up until recently I have been often seen jogging around the 4 miles ‘triangle’ that sits next to our village, it’s quite a hard four miles too, lots of steep undulations and the sudden dives into hedges to avoid tractors, milk lorries and the like.

I say up until recently because I had to stop the road running because I started suffering crippling knee pain. Since then my exercise regime has dwindled to a few press-ups and lifting an oversized wine glass to my lips while I relax in front of the fire. Today I decided to weigh myself. Now the fact that I was going to be overweight was obvious (see photo) however just how much has bolstered me into action, starting with this blog. I’m going to update it weekly with a brief reflection on the week and my quest to get down to 11 stone 6lb by this time next year, hey there’s n idea for a TV show.

Anyway back to the topic in question ‘Down to 11 stone 6lb?’ I hear you cry, well yes exactly, according the NHS website I am almost 2 stones overweight (I’m about 5′ 7″). It’s mainly for my own benefit to keep my eye on the ball, or rather scales. After all I want to see my daughter grow up and stay half tidy for my future wife, of she may not ever be. If people want to follow me and comment & advise where they see fit welcome, aboard.

The gory details 19/12/16

Weight 13 stone 3lb

Body Fat 31.1%

BMI 29.1 %

The first course of action is obvious, cut out the mid-week red wine drinking. Avoid crisps, chocolate and pastry .To compliment that denial I shall be doing more exercise. Good luck to me with that with Christmas around the corner. I thought I’d dodge the ‘New Year-New Me’ cliche and crack on now.

Don’t don’t scroll down any further if you are squeamish. Thanks for reading, all comments and advice welcomed.


That’s a sad body right there, comfort eating and drinking have taken their toll. But it’s not over yet. I’m coming to get you fat boy.

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