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“The best part about your service is the fact we can get on at the advised prices and don’t have to run around like maniacs or have all our accounts closed from backing them.

Keep up the good work!!!”

(Happy  Subscriber)



‘Take a month trial now FOR JUST £39 & it will run until March 20th including Cheltenham Festival’



January + 23 points*


* to prices I got personally not always top price or BOG



Having spent over 25 years in the betting industry, most of it at the “front” in the betting ring, I have come across many tipsters of various sorts. Most disappear as quickly as they appear, it’s weird how so many start off doing well then just as you think they’ve found a golden goose it turns out to be a turkey. The Gambling Gods do like to have their fun with us punting mortals. In my quarter of a century plus in the betting ring – I first set foot on a racecourse in 1983, then working for bookmakers in 1989 – I have only met two men who have consistently made it pay. One is my good friend Andrew Mount who writes profitable betting blogs on GG.COM and the other Roger Bush of West Country Racing. Read all about my stories from betting rings and Andrew’s betting success in my book Skint Mob – Tales From The Betting Ring  



Special Offer ..Full Service including tips sent by both email & text for 4 weeks. This will enable you to trial the service to see if it suits you.If it does you will be offered a place subject to availability . 
An opportunity to try the service for just £39…please go to specials button.



I have followed Roger Bush of West Country Racing for a few years now after he badgered me to give him a try. I was dubious at first for the very reasons outlined in the first paragraph but eventually decided to give his information a go. Betting to sensible stakes and using his disciplined staking I have shown consistent profits. I have since met him personally on several occasions and now acknowledge that as well as being a genuine chap, he’s a very good knowledge of racing and has many contacts particularly in the West Country.
Roger had often said if I had some spare time could I help him with admin. I now have that time and am delighted to be helping a genuine tipster who really does know his racing and has many contacts.

As I mentioned I bet to stakes I can afford, his service isn’t for the get rich quick brigade that don’t understand racing and expect them all to win. He is a value-hunting tipster often putting up double-figure priced horses that others overlook. With that approach I will warn potential subscribers that he has some ‘character building’ losing runs hence the need for a betting bank and a betting level that you can afford. I always look at those runs as good for keeping your accounts alive. Lulling your bookmakers into a false sense of security is a good plan because stick with him, he consistently turns in profit year on year.

180 points profit in 2014*
71 points profit in 2015*
231 points profit in 2016*

62 points profit in 2017*

Summary of 2017. After a fantastic start to the year we endured a relentless losing run in the summer but still  showed a profit of £1230 to a very modest £20 per point over the year.

*Those were my actual figures to prices I was able to get on at, not always ‘BOG’, though would be higher at top prices and always on BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed)

His comments in the emails he sends are informative, factual and provide a great insight into the tips. The tips are also sent by text in order for you get to get on first at the prices and read the reasoning afterwards. Roger is a busy man, often racing, and runs his service on a subscription basis. As I already mentioned, given his style he makes sure that subscribers are prepared to be disciplined and look at the long term picture.

In addition to providing the full tipping service, he also provides one off specials for Festival Meetings such as Cheltenham & Aintree.

I am happy to promote West Country Racing on my site in the knowledge that the service provided is first class and genuine. He does not have a web site as he operates on a low key basis. Numbers are strictly controlled to ensure availability of price. If you sign up for the full service and there are no vacancies you will be advised accordingly and of course get a full refund. I’m putting my hard-won good reputation on the line giving him a plug on my personal website and I don’t do that lightly.

Prices for his regular tipping service are

£45 a month via a 12 monthly subscription 

(Under Subscriptions on the PayPal link on the right)

£160 for three months

(Under Payment Options)

If you sign up for the 12 month subscription at £45 per month, I will be pleased to send you a complimentary copy of my book Skint Mob

You can always mail Roger at westcountryracing1@gmail.com




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