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One of the most eagerly awaited annuals of the National Hunt season is John Morris’ ‘Jumping Prospects’ now in its 26th year. I asked John to give us a few words on what has become a labour of love for him as well as a real weapon in the punter’s armoury against the bookmakers. 

‘This is the 26th year I’ve produced Jumping Prospects, I personally visit all of the featured trainers in each edition. This year I’ve called upon 18 trainers and travelled 1300 road miles over 12 days consecutive days in August. I then spent 31 consecutive days and nights starting work at 3am on the final 14 early morning starts to try to maintain my writing schedule, but got bogged down with some of the big yards taking longer to sort out that I’ve ever known.

I’m a one man band doing everything that it takes to produce this book, including the marketing and 2 other publications during the core jumps season. ‘December Update’ for the Christmas market and my legendary Cheltenham Contenders book. I’m also a pro punter and was the first self employed racing journo to obtain a Press pass without being attached to any newspaper or media organisation in 1995. I later joined BBC Radio Merseyside as racing correspondent that lasted 14 years. My weekly charity bets raised in excess of 71K for local charities. It’s hard graft and becoming harder as I’m getting older, you will know what I mean. [Come come John, neither of us are THAT old!]

There are other books coming onto the market, but none of them actually go to the stables to talk face to face with the trainers. That’s how I do it and always have. ( Interviewed 118 trainers over the past 26 years). I must admit I’m finding modern technology a bind. I send out to my mailing list and 40% have already pre-ordered, so I must be doing something right! The rest come in over the next 6 weeks or so. Some of the older people have grown up with my work.’ 

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